Our Principles & Values

We name the quality of the service provided in Anemon Hotels as “SOI“. With Standard Operation Instructions (SOI), we assure the superior service quality of Anemon Hotels and work harder every day to achieve more.
We categorize the Standard Operating Instructions of Anemon Hotels under 4 main groups; our guests, our teammates, cleanliness and respect.

Our Guests

Our guests will make the final decision regarding the quality of Anemon Hotels. We set all our standards only to increase the satisfaction of our guests.


Cleaning rules are among the most important operating rules of all Anemon Hotels. These rules are set in such a way that all hotels comply and can be audited.

Our Teammates

All our teammates must learn and embrace the common culture of Anemon Hotels. It should be ensured that team friendship lasts as long as possible. Creativity and risk-taking are the common responsibility of all staff. Every member of the Anemon family should take initiative when necessary. The professional development of our teammates must be supported by all kinds of training in accordance with the requirements of the era. A working environment that combines the energy, creativity and talents of all employees must be created for success. Synergy arises in this environment.

Respect for the Individual, Society and Environment

In the service process, it is indispensable for all persons and institutions in a relationship with all persons and institutions to comply with open, fair, honest behavior and moral rules. All employees must protect all economic values of Anemon Hotels and the materials they use, and create new economic values by using them in the best and most economical way. In particular, food and chemical wastes should be stacked by taking recyclable measures and environmentally harmful practices should be avoided.